The pleasant position on the seashore of the Strait, since its foundation (16th of November, 1548), has made The University of Messina a natural meeting point for youngsters coming from Calabria and Malta and, its cultural and scientific vivacity has constantly attracted, in years, intellectuals and eminent teachers from every part of Italy, as Mario Giurba, Giovanni Pascoli, Gaetano Salvemini, Vittorio Emanuele Orlando.

Such tradition lives again today in our university, which considers the International Mobility Project “Erasmus” and several others actions of internationalization we have embarked on, one of the most relevant strategies to be cast on the European and International scene. Travelling, living new experiences, getting to know different peoples and cultures, facing others and socializing, helps to valorise the socio-cultural identity and the identity of everyone, becoming “ world citizens”.

Nowadays, to face our future, we need to be competitive, to be broad-minded people, and for this, International mobility represents a great gymnasium of training for life. The choice of the University Of Messina, as destination stay, is particularly stimulating for the artistic and cultural treasure of the territory in which its basic formative role is accomplished, for its traditions, for the exceptionality of the natural beauties and for the charming hospitality which has always given everyone a welcome . In the last years, thanks to the intensification of actions to the International collaboration (European and extra-european), to the activation of International summer schools, to the availability of teachers of our University, and to the efficiency in the welcome of technical and administrative staff working in the field (International relations Office), has been recorded an exponential growth of foreign students at the University. In giving a welcome to the students who have chosen to have a studying experience in our city, on behalf of the entire university community, I wish them a pleasant stay, with the hope it can satisfy everyone’s expectations, encouraging, at the same time, the learning and the comprehension of the host culture in a viewpoint of personal development.


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