What’s ESN Messina

ESN Messina is a non-party, secular, non-profit organisation that operates in the interest of students participating in an international exchange programme for university education as well as post university programmes. Some of its aims include:

 helping students to participate in the European unification process;

 acilitating and improving the socio-cultural integration of foreign students attending our university by helping them to find housing, making use of the services available to them and by arranging cultural and recreational social events;

 facilitating the reintegration of returning students and involving them in the activities of ESN Messina;

 contributing to the development and improvement of exchange programmes;

 promoting cultural, artistic and historical awareness of Sicily through organising trips to the main points of interest on the island;

 promoting the spirit of European brotherhood, thereby helping students to participate in the process of European unification;

 organising information sessions about international exchange programmes, with particular attention paid to the ERASMUS/SOCRATES programmes and any other current or future programmes.

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ESN Messina

Vill. S. Agata Salita Sperone

98166 Messina

C.F. 97075900833